Louise Rosskam, in Color

WITHIN this website, on any number of occasions, we have held discussions on the merits of color versus black and white photography. I won’t repeat those here, or even bother to link to them (because I can’t be arsed to look them up). Instead, I will post below some photos from FSA photographer Louise Rosskam, taken in my hometown of Washington, DC.

While good photos should be able to exist in either media, the children come to life in color. Instead of being static icons from some unknowable past, they are like our kids: silly, vibrant, alive. That is what color offers–reality.
Shoot how you like, and Louise Rosskam shot in b&w too, but for me, color is the way to go.

Here are two more images of hers of Shulman’s Market, taken in northwest D.C.

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