Working in Monochrome.

Maria Jones-Phillips Art

As an artist I usually prefer to work in colour. However, as with photography, when devising a composition, one of the important questions to ask yourself is: How do I best represent my subject?

Sometimes, monochrome is a better fit. Let me explain why.

Family – Graphite on bristol paper, 23×40 cm. Inspired by the photography of Edward Stanton of boys playing on the streets of Detroit, circa 1937.

Your subject isn’t just the person or the object you might be portraying, it is in fact, everything that falls within the margins of your composition. Everything in the frame should count in order to create an even and balanced piece, and to create a visual narrative that is pleasing. Now, how you decide that is based entirely on your personal preferences and your artistic vision, but please trust that your brain and your eyes are very adept at knowing what…

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