You’re Not Alone

I’ve always held to the radical belief that writers should be able to write, painters to paint, and singers to sing. Now I’ve had the fortune of marrying a woman who can do all three things, and let me tell you, even for the talented, it’s damned hard to be discovered. Being remembered seems impossible.…

Photographic Clichés – Vol. 1

As a photographer and editor, I’ve recently become distressed by those few photographers who insist on taking photographs that don’t conform to common photographic practice. That is to say, these frondeurs ignore 180 years of tradition and insist on taking shots that are unique, having little or no banality to speak of. I don’t understand…

Angel Haze

I’m not going to tell you about Angel Haze. Instead, I will let her speak for herself. Down is a direction, not a destination. Don’t live there. If you don’t know Haze, here is one of her big hits, performed with Sia. Now, fuck that. Here’s Haze. Out.

Zbig’s “The Orchestra – Finale” and Other Things

As I was writing to my wife, telling her about the existence of Polish director Zbigniew Rybczyński’s musical live-action piece, “The Orchestra,” bemoaning the fact that I’ve not found a video copy more than 360 pixels, here I found one that puports to be 720p. It’s not, of course, merely the 360p video artificially enlarged…

Allegro Non Troppo

For your animation pleasure, here are segments from the 1977 Italian animated film, Allegro Non Troppo (Not so Fast!) a parody of Dismally’s Fantasia. Er, I meant Disney’s. Ravel’s Boléro sequence Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Debussy) Valse Triste Slovanské tance č. 7, op. 46 Epilog