About Maria

C'est moi!I share this blog with my best friend, love of my life, and husband Mr.Jones Jr.

Bill and I are both passionate about art, writing, photography, and music, so it only seemed fitting after a short discussion that we once again join forces and collaborate, at least in terms of being in the same virtual space. We also share a very dry sense of humour, in fact we laugh a lot about a lot of things; and like my better half, my approach can be very direct and frank because of it, but healthily so, I believe.

I have several blogs that I author, my photography blog Today On Earth, Art (formerly Roving Bess), my metaphysics blog Ishaiya Freshly Squeezed, and my poetry/introspective blog Diary of a Person Being Human.

I aim to use this space to discuss my art, and art in general, in whichever form that takes. I am a Synaesthete, so my view of the world is coloured, quite literally, differently from that of most people it would seem, although as my peculiar view is quite normal for me, and has been from birth, I wouldn’t know how others without Synaesthesia would perceive their own worlds. Bill believes that I am of a different species altogether, sometimes I think he might be right. I am aware at least that I have a very different perception of things than is considered ‘normal’, and as such this influences my work as an artist in ways that I cannot even begin to explain. My intention here then is to share some of my personal insights, if only to provide a unique, and perhaps alternate perspective of the world through art.

I hope you enjoy our posts, and join in with the discussions. We can both talk about things art related until the cows come home, so don’t be shy!



Synaesthete's Keyboard

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