About Bill

This blog, which I share with my love and better half, is dedicated to our love of art. I have a writing blog, on which I publish finished pieces and the occasional work in progress. We also have a photography blog and another on which I release my photographic portfolio. Other than blogger and photographer, I am a novelist, poet, and short story writer. Oh, and I also have a full-time career, which I’ve successfully maintained for thirty years.

There are two main parts to the blog, both of which are updated as time and inspiration permit. The first consists of posts of Art — music, video, photography, writing — whatever inspires us to want to share. Initially, I was putting these out daily, but time constraints have caused us to dial that back. The second part of the blog is focused on the History of Street Photography and the Art of Street Photography. For more on that series, check out our page at the heading History & Art of Street Photography.

Welcome, babies.

P.S. If you are looking to engage, we welcome genuine interaction.


4 thoughts on “About Bill

  1. Hello Bill, whats the meaning of your theme “My Life as a Lion”? In what way you are or feel like a lion?
    Just interested… 🙂 Perhaps you may answer my question. And please, forgive my bad English, its only School English, a few years ago… 😉


    • Hi Marion. I’ve always related to lions in some way. Perhaps it’s my Leo nature, but I think it’s that I’ve always been able to relate. My faults are lions’ faults: to much pride, a trace of arrogance, and my bite is worse than my bark. But I think I can also be gentle, loyal, and nurturing.

      I chose the theme because what I’m trying to do here is show how one’s inner nature relates to the work. Hopefully, I do that.

      (And your English is fine. Thanks for asking.)


      • Thank you Bill for your quick and detailed – and friendly – answer. I appreciate this.
        By reading, there was a little smile on my face. It’s refreshing to feel somebody as honest and sincere, regarding his good or less good attributes, like it seems. Because live isn’t just black and white. It’s encouraging to meet sombebody, who is aware of himself.
        I don’t know anything about your work, so I don’t know, if your inner nature relates to your work, but I’m sure, it is 🙂

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