List of Photographers Profiled

This is an ongoing list of the photographers profiled (or analyzed) in our blog. Links and names will be added as they appear.

NameBornDiedStartedAge at 1st Shot
Berenice Abbott (USA)18981991192325TransitionalProfile
Diane Arbus (USA)19231971194118Rule MakersProfile
Manuel Álvarez Bravo (Mexico)19022002192826TransitionalProfile
Eugène Atget (France)18571927188831FoundationalProfile; Links & Video; with Berenice Abbott;
Israëlis Bidermanas [Izis] (Lithuania)19111980193120Rule MakersProfile
Hermann Wilhelm “Bill” Brandt (UK)19041983192521TransitionalProfile
Brassaï (See Gyula Halász)      
Henri Cartier-Bresson (France)19082004193123Rule MakersProfile; The (un)defining moment
Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre (France)17871851183952FoundationalProfile ; Links & video
Bruce Davidson (USA)1933present19407Rule MakersProfile
Roy DeCarava (USA)19192009194021Rule MakersProfile
Robert Doisneau (France)19121994192816TransitionalProfile
Alfred Eisenstaedt18981995191214TransitionalProfile ; and Nazis
Elliott Erwitt (USA)1928present194517Rule MakersProfile
Walker Evans (USA)19031975192724TransitionalProfile
Louis Faurer (USA)19162001193721Rule MakersProfile
Arthur Fellig [Weegee] (USA)18991968192425TransitionalProfile ; Photo study
Robert Frank (USA) 19242019194420Rule Makers Profile
Gyula Halász [Brassaï] (Hungary)18991984193233Rule MakersProfile
Charles “Teenie” Harris (USA)1908199819113TransitionalProfile
Lewis Hine (USA)18741940190430FoundationalProfile; Links & video
Izis (See Israëlis Bidermanas)      
André Kertész (Hungary)18941985191218FoundationalProfile; Links & video
Dorothea Lange (USA)18951965191318TransitionalProfile; Extensive Study
Jacques Henri Lartigue (France)18941986190410FoundationalProfile; Links & video; and Art
Helen Levitt (USA)19132009193017Rule MakersProfile
Elsie Amelie “Lisette” Model (Austria, USA)19011983193332Rule MakersProfile
Gordon Parks (USA)19122006193725Rule MakersProfile
Jacob Riis (Denmark, USA)18491914188738FoundationalProfile; Links & video
Willy Ronis (France)19102009193215Rule MakersProfile
Aaron Siskind (USA)19031991192926Rule MakersProfile
Alfred Stieglitz (USA)18641946188218FoundationalProfile; Links & video
Paul Strand (USA)18901976190818FoundationalProfile; Links & video
John Thomson (Scotland)18371921185215FoundationalProfile; Links & video
Weegee (See Arthur Fellig)      
Garry Winogrand (USA)19281984194820Urban Explosion Study

To be profiled

Eve Arnold (USA)19122012194836Urban Explosion 
Harry Callahan (USA)19121999193826Rule Makers 
William Eggleston (USA)1939present195819Urban Explosion 
Lee Friedlander (USA)1934present194814Urban Explosion 
David Alan Harvey (USA)1944present195511Urban Explosion 
William Klein (USA, France)1928present195224Urban Explosion 
Josef Koudelka (Czech Republic)1938present195517Urban Explosion 
Vivian Maier (USA)19262009194923Urban Explosion 
Constantine “Costa” Manos (USA)1934present195016Urban Explosion 
Joel Meyerowitz (USA)1938present196224Urban Explosion 
Charles Moore19312010194918Urban Explosion 
Daidō Moriyama1938present196022Urban Explosion 
Tod Papageorge (USA)1940present196222Urban Explosion 
Alex Webb (USA)1952present196917Urban Explosion 

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