Days of Art 2017-12: Art Imitates Art

Think that movie set designers aren’t influenced by other art? Think again. Here is a short film that shows a few motion pictures that had major scenes directly influenced by painters’ works. It’s called “Film Meets Art,” from Vugar Efendi.

100 Days of Art – Day 19: Edvard Munch

Below is a gallery of some of my favorite Munch paintings. See the link at the bottom to reach a fuller gallery of his work. “Self-Portrait,” 1881 “The Scream,” 1893 “Albert Kollmann,” 1902 “Anxiety,” 1894 “Death of Marat II,” 1907 “Nude,” 1896 “Paris-Nude,” 1896 Click the link below to view a gallery of Edvard Munch’s…