B.B. King on the Blues, the Self, and Doubt

I was going to stop at one, but I thought you needed to meet my man B.B. King, if you haven’t already. Though he was famous for the Blues, he should have famous for the light he gave off. Blue light ain’t always for the basement, y’all hear me?  

Days of Art 2017-18: King Yellowman

I could write pages on my favorite deejay, Christian Winston Foster, aka, King Yellowman, but I’d get too emotional if I were to burrow to deep below the surface layer. Suffice it to say that the shit you’ve dealt with is no larger a pile that what Yellowman has faced his entire life. He grew…

Days of Art 2017-17: Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Jane Fitzgerald was born 100 years ago today, 25 April 1917, in Newport News, Virginia, in the Tidewater area. She had a difficult childhood, born to a mother who was a laundress and shipyard worker. Ella’s father, William Fitzgerald, eventually left, leaving the two to fend for themselves. Ella’s mom found a new beau,…

Days of Art 2017-12: Art Imitates Art

Think that movie set designers aren’t influenced by other art? Think again. Here is a short film that shows a few motion pictures that had major scenes directly influenced by painters’ works. It’s called “Film Meets Art,” from Vugar Efendi.

Days of Art 2017-09: Dat Street Jazz

There’s something pure about mainstream jazz in combination with street photography. Back before I began going on shoots with my wife, I used to wait until I was in a dark shitty mood, load up with a couple of Nikons, plug jazz into my ears, and go on a shooting spree. My favorite shooting opus…