Angel Haze

I’m not going to tell you about Angel Haze. Instead, I will let her speak for herself. Down is a direction, not a destination. Don’t live there. If you don’t know Haze, here is one of her big hits, performed with Sia. Now, fuck that. Here’s Haze. Out.

Zbig’s “The Orchestra – Finale” and Other Things

As I was writing to my wife, telling her about the existence of Polish director Zbigniew Rybczyński’s musical live-action piece, “The Orchestra,” bemoaning the fact that I’ve not found a video copy more than 360 pixels, here I found one that puports to be 720p. It’s not, of course, merely the 360p video artificially enlarged…

Allegro Non Troppo

For your animation pleasure, here are segments from the 1977 Italian animated film, Allegro Non Troppo (Not so Fast!) a parody of Dismally’s Fantasia. Er, I meant Disney’s. Ravel’s Boléro sequence Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Debussy) Valse Triste Slovanské tance č. 7, op. 46 Epilog

Life Lesson #1: Don’t Try, Be.

Some things you can’t teach. If I have to tell you what they are, then you’ll never understand the rest of this post. Instead of trying, learning, and scrugglin’, scrugglin’, scrugglin’, you just have to be. Decide to be and be. No one teaches Hall of Famers to stand above the crowd. Rather, if anything,…

Bad Reporter, Good Reporter

Call me a sentimental old git, but I am of the opinion that when a man dies, people should remember basic things about him, like, his age. I’m astounded that my random survey of 20 news agencies found that 90% of those reporting Stephen Furst’s death got his age wrong. This might seem like a…

B.B. King on the Blues, the Self, and Doubt

I was going to stop at one, but I thought you needed to meet my man B.B. King, if you haven’t already. Though he was famous for the Blues, he should have famous for the light he gave off. Blue light ain’t always for the basement, y’all hear me?  

How to Art – The Photographer

“Everyday at a quarter past three I open up a can of tuna and set it on the table. I cut two thick slices of bread that has already begun to stale and put them on a white china plate already set out on the table, and slide it next to the can of tuna.…