Days of Art #54: Photography Inspired by Edward Hopper


Edward Hopper, 1882 – 1967 was an American realist painter, famous for his simple compositions of American life that often featured a single light source, often coming from a window. Perhaps his most famous painting was Nighthawks (1942) below. Maria and I stumbled across this video of photographs inspired by Hopper’s work and thought we’d share it with you. (Try to ignore the fact that the music doesn’t match the images.)

I’d love to see your own Hopper-inspired work. My entry is below.


7 thoughts on “Days of Art #54: Photography Inspired by Edward Hopper

  1. What a great post. I’ll give some consideration and see if I can come up with something. Your entry is damn good!
    Oh, as for the music. I muted it! I was listening to Exile on Main Street (Stones) at the time and the track, Let it Loose began playing. Perfect accompaniment.


  2. People! Why does it have to be people?

    I guess it doesn’t. Perhaps I will try something or other. If I do, I’ll link to it.

    As for the photos, and paintings, the simplicity of them is a big attraction. I also realized just how familiar some of these are from various movie scenes.

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